How I naturally induced myself at week 39 (Part 1)

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I can’t believe I am writing another baby arrival! You can read all about the my first born here.  I had to split this post in two or else it’s going to be WAY too long! In Part 2, I’ll write about how Baby #2 arrived!

If you’ve been keeping up with my pregnancy blogs (I know this time I’m totally lacking updates because of toddler!) But I did post about my gestational diabetes journey here: Pregnancy #2. Oh, FML – I have Gestational Diabetes, now what? and Meal Planning and Gestational Diabetes

I have to say, it’s been a very frustrating journey because I was pretty much told I can’t eat A LOT of food. I had so many breakdowns because all I wanted to do was eat but can’t. So with Gestational Diabetes I was told that if I don’t go into labour naturally they will have to induce me at week 38. Given my past record – I didn’t go into labour until I was week 40 last time!  My babies likes to stay in my warm tummy for a LONG TIME. I kept hearing horror stories about inducing and just how painful it was. I didn’t want to take that chance!! So here are a couple of things I’ve done to literally push her out of me.

I wanted to say by no means this will work for you and to be honest I did SO many methods I’m not sure what ACTUALLY worked. But it doesn’t hurt to try if you are as desperate as me.

1. Raspberry Tea leafs –  is an herbal tea made from the leaves of the red raspberry plant. It’s historically been used in folk remedies, including as a tonic to strengthen the uterus and promote faster, healthier labor and quicker postpartum recovery.

I didn’t use this to induce labour but I wanted to strengthen my uterus. I started drinking this 4 cups a day at week 36. I used 2 bags per cup and use it twice. I wanted it to be a super strong flavor and make sure it’s working!

2.  Dates – In summary, randomized trials have found that eating date fruit in late pregnancy, around 60-80 grams a day of fruit, may increase cervical ripening, reduce the need for a medical labor induction or augmentation, and one small study found a positive effect on postpartum blood loss.

I boiled the dates and ate about 6 each morning. I gradually did started to eat around 12 dates by the end of week 38. I wanted to make sure I was getting ALL the benefits. Plus, I really like the taste of it!

3. Watermelon and Pineapple – This is more well known in the Chinese culture. You are not allowed to eat watermelon throughout pregnancy because it’s thought to be “cold” But by week 37, the “coldness” is used to push the baby out. This might be more a old wives tale in the Chinese culture and not many people  do this because there’s literally no science of study to back it up. But if anything, it’s very tasty and it’s full of water! So no harm really.

I had about one whole watermelon within a couple of days. I LOVE eating watermelon. It’s just so juicy! I also started eating this at week 37.

Oh and eat the pineapple core.

4. Squats and Walking – Yes, lots and lots of exercise!!! I’ve been pretty set on staying active while pregnant. Not only because I don’t want to gain that much weight but I want a easy easy birth. I really don’t want to go through 10, 12, 20 hours of labour. I keep hearing horror stories and honestly it’s enough to make me move my ass.

Here’s what I did for 1st – 2nd trimester:

  • walked 40 – 60 mins a day
  • 200 squats a day
  • weights for 10 mins a day

I really tired to stay active and push myself…… then……… we all know what happened COVID-19 HAPPENED. From walking almost 10,000 steps a day to 0 a day.

I was still working from home with a toddler, so THAT was fun. I literally had to force myself to get up and move. But catering to a toddler, cooking 3 meals a day + dish washing + snacks. By the time my toddler naps.. I nap. It was just not feasible.

By the end of 3rd trimester:

I was doing 20 min walk 3 times a week. I also took my toddler out for walks because it was the only way I can get some exercise.

Also, the yoga ball. I was playing Final Fantasy while sitting on the yoga ball to pass time.

5. Finally – I used Clary Sage and Acupuncture points  

Clary sage helps stimulate contractions or surges very useful to induce labour especially following a membrane sweep’. It has quite a sedating effect which potentially has a positive impact on reducing adrenaline and therefore aids oxytocin production.

I had this on diffuser, I also made my husband rub this on my ankles and wrist. I literally was breathing this in all day! I did this twice a day.

This pretty much covered everything I did since week 36. I was VERY committed. You should ask all my friends, I made sure I was doing everything I can do get the contractions started naturally. I REALLY REALLY didn’t want to be induced. I also didn’t want an epidural, I’m more scared of that needle.

I’m not sure which method helped, but I did ALL of them. So, I would suggest if you are desperate like I was. Try doing them!

Let me know what worked for you and if I’m missing anything.  And please stay tuen for my next post. I will write about how baby #2 arrived!

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