Meal Planning and Gestational Diabetes

I’m totally lacking updates this pregnancy… but I’m trying!

It’s been a week of this annoying diet. Yes, I’m pretty bitter about this diet because EVERYONE knows how much I love eating and forcing to count my calories, carbs, fat, sugar etc. is super annoying. BUT I’m doing it and everyone tells me it will take 2 weeks of getting into this new habit. So I have another week to go before I settle in this “habit”

I would say I’ve been pretty good with my eating and keeping track of my testing my sugar level 4 times a day. I’ve been trying to document some of the food I’ve been eating and hopefully this will help other women who loves eating…. but forced to go on a temporary diet!

The test that I have to poke myself 4 times a day. Super annoying.  I’m generally between 5.1-5.4 which is within the “ideal” range.

Couple of things I’ve been loving, and LOW in carbs!

  • Lily’s Coconut Dark Chocolate
  • Delicious Seeds & Grain Gluten Free
  • Keto Girl Bake – their cupcakes are amazing


OH this was super annoying because I couldn’t get it right. You basically have to pee every morning to monitor to make sure you are within range. The first time I took it I was at at 8. I was pretty annoyed because that means I was burning too much fat, the second day I was at 4… and after a couple more days FINALLY I was at negative/trace. It look a bit of experimenting what I can eat at night. What I found worked for me was eating avocado toast, or some crackers before bed helped to get my ketone to negative or trace.

Snacking & Gestational Diabetes

Most women with gestational diabetes need to eat snacks between meals. Here’s why:

■ Snacks keep you from getting hungry between meals and during the night.
■ Snacks keep you from eating too much at meals, which could make your blood glucose level rise too much.
■ Eating snacks keeps your blood glucose from going too low between meals. Because you have gestational diabetes, you need two to four snacks a day.

Carbohydrate Example:

You could eat 2 slices of bread. Or you could eat 3 cups of unbuttered popcorn and 8 ounces of milk.

Protein Snack Example

Your food plan might include snacks with protein foods to give you enough calories. Your plan will tell you how many servings of protein you need for each snack.

You can get one serving of protein from any of the following foods:
■ 1 ounce or 1½ slices of cheese
■ 2 tablespoons of peanut butter
■ 1 ounce of meat
■ 1 egg
■ 2 tablespoons of nuts

Food I’ve been eating the past week, warning – it’s really sad.


  • two toast, egg and yogurt


  • lettuce and tofu
  • Quinoa Salad with avocado and chicken breast

Meal Prepping for the week:

I’ve been eating the same thing over and over again, which is not that bad to be honest. It’s just my snacks are hard because I love to eat a muffin/cookie/crackers throughout the day. I’m now always looking at the carbs to make sure I don’t over eat.

Well, this is week 27. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Thanks for reading!


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