How we Montessori 7 months – Teaching her to be independent

Hi Everyone,

You must think I’m crazy, but yes I’m slowly teaching her to be independent (partly because I’m lazy, I want her to be able to feed herself and not have me chase after her when she’s older to feed her). She’s currently 7 months and my morning routine consists of me I literally just put her in the high chair. I usually place a few carrots/yams/ squash and let her eat for 10 mins while I do my toning exercise next to her as she eats. Mind you, half of it does usually end up on her bib or the floor. But she would sit there as she kicks her legs up and down while she eats. It’s super cute! I can do my own thing and she can eat independently.

I also got her to drink from her own cup. It’s a bit messy, and her interest in it literally lasts 30 seconds…. but it’s a start!

Daily Routine:


Teething wasn’t really that bad, there are a couple of nights where she was fussy. It wasn’t staying asleep that was the problem for us, it was getting her to sleep. From 8pm – 11pm roughly that’s when we go up and down the stairs because she kept crying. Once she’s asleep, she does stay asleep until the next morning. I used Camillia on her whenever she shows signs of fussy. Works like a charm!


I’m so tired now that’s she’s crawling. This also means she bangs her head on the floor at least 458395375984 times. She likes to follow me (yes she crawls to the bathroom, she’s only 7 months like HOW?!!?) but she often gets caught in her pjs or herself – I don’t know even know! So there are MANY MANY times where she goes face plant on the wood floors. I think there was one day where she bangs her head on all different sides three times. It’s just so hard to watch her now! I need a gate!!!!!!! Literally makes everything I do now double the time.

Here’s a picture of me trying to do my laundry. I was more busy trying to get her not eat that box.

Montessori Learning

As I mentioned before, I’ve been doing some research on the Montessori way. You can read my last post on the toys I’ve used so far. I try to stay away from the toys that just one button and music comes on, I also try to stay away from plastic toys. Although, some toys you just can’t avoid – for example that dog wiggle thing. Oh she loves it and I would feel like a horrible mom if I took that away from her. But generally, I’ll try to stick with wooden toys and educational toys that require a little work to play with. I’ll go into more details in my next post of the best toys to get for your 8 month old!

Life of a mom

My mama bear self is 100% starting to come out. I get super protective of people I think that will do more harm than good, hence I’ve cut them out of my life. Cold blood? Nah, it was a long time coming. The sad part is these people are blood-related. How funny life works. But sometimes, you just got to do what you have to do.

Self-care, has been lacking. When she sleeps 3-4 hours nap each time, I had PLENTY of time to do alot of stuff around the house. Now? with her 2 hour max naps. It’s really hard to get anything done. By the time I’m done taking a breather and start to get ready to do house chores, that’s when she starts to wake up. I can BARELY fit in my workout schedule.

I also got lazy. My weight is lighter, but I’m so damn flabby. You know, till this day. I still don’t wear wire bras because It’s so not comfy or my chest has changed?? I have no idea… but I should start wearing wire bras because well it helps with the lift…..

My tummy is also not flat. Sure it’s thinner… but not toned AT ALL. So, the past 2 weeks I’ve been doing 3 sets of the following twice a day, everyday. I try to do it in the morning and before I go to bed. I noticed it when I put on my skinny jeans, hello muffin top – I NEVER seen YOU before. WTF.

3 sets of the follow:

  • 20 sit ups
  • 20 leg raises (each side)
  • 20 side planks and dip (each side)
  • 20 leg lift with twist
  • 20 side crunch

It’s been working and I can finally feel my tummy tighter again. My flabby tummy was pissing me off when I wear my jeans.


Ariya’s First Christmas

As Christmas is coming in 11 days, I wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays! I am hoping to write another post before Christmas, but if I don’t get the time to, I hope you all will have a safe and happy Holiday!

Thanks so much for reading!





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