Spotting Authentic Sterling Silver Jewellery

Don’t assume that other people in this world are necessarily as honest and decent as you are. There are quite a few jewellery sellers who engage in rather dishonest and unethical practices unlike The Gentlemen Smith ( If you want to protect yourself from the stresses of fake sterling silver jewellery, these tips can be extremely helpful to you.

1. Carefully Assess its Smell

Solid sterling tends to have a smell that’s far from noticeable. It doesn’t smell like silver plated jewellery. Gently massage the metal. If you notice a scent that’s reminiscent of brass or metal, then there’s a strong chance that it isn’t sterling silver. Sterling silver jewellery generally smells like nothing at all, which is what you want when you’re looking for a ring.

2. Make Use of a Magnet

A magnet can help you quickly and easily identify sterling silver jewellery that’s 100 percent authentic. Silver, platinum and gold are all examples of materials that are not ferrous. Materials that are not ferrous, in short, are not at all magnetic. Retrieve the jewellery in question and put it somewhere close to a magnet. If you see that the item is drawn to the magnet, then that’s a sure-fire sign that it’s not genuine sterling silver in any way, shape or form, period. It most likely is stainless steel that has undergone extensive polishing to take on a look that’s evocative of sterling silver. Purchase from a reputable jeweller like Silver by Mail. Silver by Mail have silver bracelets that are made from authentic sterling silver.

3. Consider the Price

The price tends to be a big clue. Authentic sterling silver usually isn’t cheap. Fake sterling silver, on the other hand, frequently is. If you purchased jewellery that was suspiciously low in price, then it’s probably not real sterling silver, sadly enough.

4. Grab a White Cloth

Grab a white cloth that has a nice and smooth texture then massage a tiny part of the jewellery item. If you notice the development of any conspicuously dark marks, then it’s your lucky day. Your jewellery piece is indeed bona fide sterling silver. Sterling silver frequently experiences an oxidation process after it’s been in contact with air. This oxidation is responsible for tarnishing. If you own any silver jewellery that has developed an unattractive dark tone with the passing of time, you can thank oxidation for that. These dark patches do not generally emerge in cases of fake sterling silver.

5. Look for Purity Marks

Authentic sterling silver jewellery from places like haruni, often features marks that signify purity. You may see a purity mark that reads “S925” or “925” on authentic sterling silver jewellery. If you don’t notice any of these marks, however, you don’t have to assume that your sterling silver is always bogus. Just be on the lookout for any type of seemingly official stamp. The presence of stamps generally signifies that ‘sterling silver’ jewellery pieces are authentic. If you see a stamp, you can breathe a sigh of relief. If you have other questions about your order, you can always contact the jeweller.

Think About Your Seller

If you want to ensure that you always purchase authentic sterling silver jewellery, you should make a point to rely on sellers who have strong track records. You could even visit a reputable jewellers like Jacobs of Reading where you know you’ll be getting great quality jewellery. Only deal with sellers who get terrific reviews from past purchasers. Steer clear of sellers who have awful reputations. Don’t waste your time on sellers who don’t put a lot of effort into customer service. There are many high-quality sterling silver jewellery sellers in this world. They’re often extremely trustworthy and dependable individuals as well.

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