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Keeping up with your health during pregnancy can be tough. Don’t get me wrong, being pregnant is possibly one of the best feelings I could have gone through. For us, I had a feeling I may have been pregnant, but I wasn’t completely sure. So we visited a center who offered a free pregnancy verification and that clarified it all. When we found out, that was such a great day! With this being said, there’s so much going on within your body and everything is new! Some days you have leg cramps, other days you are so hungry you eat 9 meals a day. I remember when I was still in my first trimester, everything was so foreign to me, I often used Check Pregnancy for all my questions. Not only is this site incredible helpful for any questions you have, but when you enter in your 3rd trimester – it’s crunch time to make sure everything is set before your due date! Finding the best car seat stroller combo for baby can be overwhelming, I looked at some and totally gave up because I just couldn’t deal with so many information, my husband has been the sweetest and he is the one that’s been searching for the car seats! He looked at every single brand there is out there to make sure we got the best one. What I love about this website is that it’s up to date with the latest 2016-2017 safety for car seat for baby. After all, it’s not about the price at the end of the day, you want to make sure your newborn is safe! Safety first!!
Below, we’ve finally installed our baby seat! We are ready for you my little one 🙂

Post Pregnancy

So let’s talk about post pregnancy women’s health! The topic of the post pregnancy belly does come up from time to time, especially with women who want to get rid of it. There’s a lot of information on Me and My Waist, I’m pretty self-conscious how I would look like post pregnancy. With my growing waist everyday, it’s no wonder I find myself searching for incredible waist training exercises for women. I can’t wait to do these exercises and get back into shape!! The number one activity that you can do to trim your waistline is to do jumping jacks. It is fun to do. It is easy, no tools necessary for this type of workout. It’s beneficial to your body because it increases your metabolism which in turn will make you process calories faster. It’s certainly effective in strengthening your core muscles because as you jump, your midsection tightens.
The site also recommends other exercises as well like Burpees! As much as I dislike doing burpees, but when I did pre-pregnancy, it really toned up my body. But of course, don’t rush into doing these exercises as your body needs plenty of time to heel after birth. After all, your body took 9 months to look the way it does now, it’s going to take some time before it goes back to where it was! An alternative if you don’t manage to find any time to get some exercise into your busy schedule would be a WaistLineTrainer, I have heard brilliant things, but I haven’t yet tried it myself, let me know if you have any experiences with them! What I will say is that I have heard of people trying to fit into a waist training corset whilst pregnant to try and keep a slim waist during the period of carrying your baby…this needs to stop! If you’re still trying to fit into a corset while pregnant, it’s best you stop doing so immediately, and you can find out why on If you’re in postpartum, however, by all means, start fitting into those corsets!
Note: this post is in collaboration with Silver Check Pregnancy.
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