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If you have been following us on? Instagram- PetiteVieBlog,?I’ve been dropping hints that we will be launching our new website on April 15, 2018!? We wanted to make sure that the design of our website was what we wanted it to be before we even decided to share the launch date. This involved getting a lot of tips and inspiration from somewhere like these webcreationuk reviews, as we want this website to be the only one that we ever make. So, as you can understand, we wanted to make sure that it was perfect before showing it to you guys. We hope you like it as much as we do. Petite & Pretty? was launched?summer of 2015 as?our little corner to share?life experiences?-?from planning our wedding to buying our first home. We brought you guys along on our journey and can’t thank you? enough for all the wonderful feedback throughout the years.

As our lives continue to change, I have teamed up with Christine to create a platform?to not only bring moms?around the world ?togethe ?but? also? to help ?and? support each other. We decided to launch our new blog name to ?PetiteVie ?to better represent what we want to offer to our loyal readers.

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We are more than a mother??

We purposely did not want to integrate the word “mom” into our blog name because we wanted to remind all the moms out there that although we are moms, we shouldn’t?forget that we are also individuals. It’s true what they say – when you have kids, your whole life changes. Many of us begin to neglect our own needs as we focus all our energy on caring for our children. We become harsh on ourselves especially in a society where everyone is judging one another. This?platform is to remind us that we are humans, and it is ok to make mistakes and to still have needs and wants. Moms can still pursue a career, have dreams, and take care of their children at the same time.

What? PetiteVie? has to offer

Through PetiteVie, we will be sharing our ups and downs as mothers, useful life hacks, DIY ideas, shopping deals, food and recipes, travels, and anything that could encourage others to embrace life and motherhood.

Join the team

We are here to encourage, support, and empower all women. But we don’t do it alone! We want to hear from you if you would like to be our guest contributors so don’t be shy to reach out.? Email us at? [email protected]

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We will be hosting a giveaway weekly! As a little thank you to our readers for sticking by us throughout these years!

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Welcome to our journey.

Ev & Tine

Hi there!

Christine (left) and Evanna (right) have been friends for over 20 years. We are raising 4 little monsters between us, and it's not easy! So why not do it together!? We are each other Godmoms to the kids and they are now Godsibilings.

Join our little crazy family full of laugher and frustrations at times. But most of all, we want to share our life hacks, real motherhood, smart technology and hot buy recommendations. We've personally tried all the products, and only highlight the products we LOVE. We are passionate in products that are worth the money and we would love to hear from you and your recommendations!

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