Week 35 – 37 Pregnant – Myths and Truths about easy labour?

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I’ve been really lacking updates for the past few weeks. I’ve been so busy with organizing my house and cleaning, I don’t even know where the time goes!

In my next post, I will be sharing our baby room! I can’t wait to show you guys. It’s nothing crazy like all the celebrities, I’ve really worked with what we have and took all the hand me downs, but It’s so cute and I absolutely love it.

Here are the major symptoms for the week fo 35 – 37

  • I’ve been feeling pretty good up until week 37 really…
  • So far, no swelling (I’m sooo thankful!) I was terrified of my swollen fingers and feet.
  • I’ve gained a total of 25 pounds as of week 38….. funny story! At my week 36 I was told I didn’t gain anything for 2 weeks… my OB got all concerned and sent me to do an ultrasound as they didn’t have the Butterfly Network, or some similar, machine at their location. At week 37 I went back with 5 lbs extra in one week. I’ve been really on and off with my weight gain. They tell you are supposed to gain 1- 2 lbs per week. For me, it’s been I gain 0lbs for 2 weeks and one week I’ll just gain it all back. So as of week 38, my total weight gain is now 25lbs.
  • I started to do squats again at week 37, oh it’s so tough….. carrying the extra weight, my legs actually shake when I do squats. My body is so not used to the extra weight!
  • I swim once a week, I see the same people and I guess they are all wondering when I’m going to pop
  • I’ve been doing chiropractor since week 32. It’s been a life saver on my back! No more back pains
  • I still work out 3-4 times a week, but it’s SO tough. I’m telling you, it’s a struggle to do anything
  • Pee and more pee and pee
  • It’s getting hard to roll over, put on shoes, put of socks
  • my belly is SO HUGE. It’s now 39 inches… *sigh* I am soooooo uncomfortable
  • Everyone talks to me, even more so now with my giant belly!!

Some myths/truth about going into labour

So I’m getting pretty close to my due date… and I’ve been pretty active in terms of trying to stay active, not the eating healthy part… I must admit. But I really do try to keep moving so I can have a neasy labour. labour scares the shit out of me so I want to make sure it’s EASY as possible.

Many mothers has told me the following, thought I will share with you and maybe for those mothers who have tried any of the following can let me know if it worked for you!!??

  • Clary Sage ( I was told this will make you go into labour right away! It’s essential oil that you breath in and it will make you go into labour)

  • Red tea raspberry leafs (I was told if you drink this everyday 3 times a day it will make you start your contractions) I started mine today, maybe just once a day for now, and next week I’ll start doing the 3 times a day. To me, this taste like the yum cha tea I drink every Sunday. (oops!)

  • Watermelon (I’m so glad I can eat watermelon again, I was told not to eat it until I’m close to my due date….so yes.. I just bought a HUGE watermelon for me to inhale)
  • Black paste sesame dessert (One of my fav Chinese dessert, I actually had a bit throughout my pregnancy…)

  • Acupuncture, I was told after a few sessions I should go to labour…

I feel like I actually been trying to induce myself without knowing it throughout my pregnancy. But ya! Let me know if you have another myths/truths that helped you start your contractions! So far, I feel nada. Nothing. I was told I would start feeling the braxton contractions, but nope. zip. zero.

I will be back for a week 38 – 39 update if I don’t go into labour! The weather is starting to warm up and I’m so glad I don’t have to wear leggings anymore. I’m so sick of my leggings.


Thanks so much for reading,


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