Lorena Canals Washable Rugs – Baby Series

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I can’t tell you how much I love decorating my baby’s room. Full confession, we actually didn’t move her to her own room until she was 6 months old. I just love her sleeping next to us with her dockatot! (Full review here) It was just so easy and I was super lazy getting up when she was crying, even a step off my bed was too far. But, by 5 month ish, she got really noisy, she would talk to herself for a good hour before falling back to sleep!!! So, I finally did it. I moved her to her room.

Our house is all hardwood, so I was super excited when I was able to try the Lorena Canals Washable Rugs! I am queen of OCD so it was only natural for me to get something I can wash! These Lorena Canals Washable Rugs are SO pretty!!! I got the Round ABC Vintage Nude. 

For those who are as OCD as me:

  • Machine-washable: it can be easily washed at home in a conventional washing machine.
  • Handmade: handmade, created with care and produced individually by our artisans.
  • Eco-friendly: Non-toxic dyes, 100% natural cotton.
  • Light: due to its flexible and soft structure.
  • Easy to match: get a cozy room by matching it with other accessories.


  • 100% Cotton.


  • Each rug is unique and different. We take care of every detail. This is a handmade product. Due to that, there may be minor variations in shape and color.
  • A product that meets all the safety and quality standards for kids.
  • The product has the following certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and AITEX.
  • We only use non toxic dyes as we are an environmentally responsible company.
  • Made in India.

I love how they are all handmade!

The quality is excellent even after wash! It’s pretty simple, you just wash it like you normally wash your other clothing. I just put it in the washer and do a soft wash cycle. After it’s done, I put in the dryer for LOW tumble dry.

If there are still creases on your rug, just hang it for a couple of hours and it will get rid of the creases.

And now it’s ready for my baby to drool all over it.


I highly recommend this rug, it’s baby safe and I love how it’s handmade. Also as a bonus, I chose the Alphabet pattern which can be educational for her when she’s older.

The rug is super soft and made with high quality. Washing and cleaning is a breeze. I don’t have to be super careful with the rug because I know I can always just throw it in the washing machine if it gets dirty.

Also, my baby seems to LOVE the rug! Look at that happy face of hers! I can’t wait for her to learn how to sit!

Thanks so much for reading!

Note: This post is in collaboration with Lorena Canals, but as always all opinions are my own.

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