How we Montessori 11 months

It’s currently 10PM and I’m sipping my red wine. When they are 11 months I feel like it’s a whole new different ball game. She’s so very active. SO VERY active. Remember earlier in my month 2-5 months updates? She was sleeping for like 4-5 hours a day and I get to blog and do my own thing… WELL. That is long gone. She’s now down to 2 naps a day and her naps aren’t really that long. 1 hour to 1.5 hours nap. Which is pretty good. But seriously that 1 – 1.5 hours FLY by. After I put her to nap, clean up the living room, make myself food, I sit down for a bit and BAM she’s awake crying again!!!


She’s been doing so good with her learning, I have to admit that I do slack a bit from time to time, so I f.eel like she would be way more advanced if I were to do it everyday 3 times a week. But I still gotta go out and run errands and do my lunch dates… so there are days where she skips the training….but hey I guess that’s life, you still gotta live your own life right??


I’ve been teaching her in Chinese and phrases to do certain things, here is a video of her crawling towards her water. I’ve been teaching her phrases so she will drink her water. Not bad for 11 month old!

I’ve also been teaching her to clean after herself after she play with toys. Here’s a video of her putting all her blocks back after she plays with them. It took awhile for her not to put anything in her mouth or just pull everything out, but she starting to understand to put all her blocks back after she’s done playing. Sometimes she does lose interest in tidying after she cleans 5 blocks and she’ll crawl away.



She’s been doing so well with eating, she eats like a beassssstttttttttttt. Sometimes I actual limit her in her eating because her eating scares me. She legit eats ALLLLL DAY. Looking at this scares me. Do your babies do the same thing??? Or is this just my baby!?


This is her inhaling her snacks while at dinner. I swear this is the only way I can get her to sit still and not cry bloody murder. If you haven’t noticed, my child will always have something in her mouth.

She snacks between meals. This includes puffs, mum mums, love ducks, rice cakes, yogurts, and the list goes on!!!!! I will be doing a post of all the snacks and food that she’s been eating in the future!

So, she’s now pretty good. Pretty much what I eat she eats, and she can just eat by herself so I will be able to EAT MY MEALS!! You all know I can’t starve, so this is actually a win win for me. Sure it does gets messy, but that is my next task… to make her clean up after herself. hahahaha


Here is a preview of what she does all day. I would say it’s pretty much the same from her 10 month, nothing has changed, maybe her TWO WEEKS of regression… I will talk about that below.


I believe it was a couple of days after she turned 11 months she went through this HORRIBLE regression that last so damn long. She’s normally an amazing sleeper and would just go down for her final nap after I put her to her crib. But for a full two weeks, she would sleep, but would cry after an hour…. sometimes 2 times, sometimes 4 times before she actually sleeps!!!! I couldn’t figure out why she was doing that, but I read that it’s because of regression and she’s learning a lot during the day so she has a hard time sleeping. Thank goodness most of the time it’s usually before 12am mark, so i’m usually still awake, so I can put her back to sleep. But I do remember one night she cried a total of 3 times… 1am, 2am and 3am. She just wouldn’t sleep, the first cry, I was SO exhausted I couldn’t get up, so I made the husband go get her, the last two times I just let her cry it out, not long 10 mins for the 2nd wake, and 5 mins for the 3rd wake. She did eventually go back to sleep which was great. But till now, I still don’t know why she wouldn’t sleep.

She’s much better now, she’s now back to her normal sleeping, put her down at 730, and will sleep until 8am. Thank goodness that’s over! I was getting so cranky everyday.


I’ve been pushing her to walk early because I’m enrolling her to Montessori which requires her to walk before they would take her! So being a tiger mom that I am….. I’ve been pushing her to walk! Here’s a little clip of me walking her. She’s almost 12 months now and her walk is MUCH better. This was at the end of month 10ish.

Self Reflect

Time flew by, I can’t believe she’s 11 months! I’m happy yet feeling sad the same time. There are definitely frustrating days, especially when she won’t’ sleep through the night! But the next morning when she smiles with all teeth, all is forgiven, no matter how sleep deprived I am. I always wonder why babies have sleep regression….. just SLEEEEEPPPPP -.-

Anyways, I’m just ranting now.

I feel like I completly gave up on exercise and I just all you can eat for a month. Which was a bad decision because my clothes are feeling tighter…. so back to the gym and diet I go!!!

We recently flew to NYC I will do an update on the travel post in my next update!

Thanks so much for reading,


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