How we Montessori 10 Months

It’s been a very exciting month! It’s getting harder and harder to do these updates because everyday I’m so busy! Do any of you mamas out there with their 10 month old feel that way?? Or am I the only mom that likes to jam-packed my schedule. So here I am at 11pm FINALLY have some downtime and really sit down and blog without interruptions!

Independent Baby

I don’t even know if this is such a thing. She is pretty independent and doesn’t need many cuddles unless she’s tired or cranky. Usually, before bedtime and after her 2nd nap, she gets extra cranky. So rest of the time, she just plays by herself. I was told this will change later, so we shall see if she clings onto me more!

Chinese New Year

She was so happy that I let her play with these red pockets! She got lots of love from the family! Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival in modern China, is an important Chinese festival celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. It is one of several Lunar New Years in Asia. So, of course, I decided to put her in a baby Chinese New Year gown, it’s a bit big on her, but it’s ok – she really only worn it for a few hours.

We just went to grandmother’s had dinner and celebrated. It was nice and chill which I love nowadays.

Feeding herself

I always wonder if I’m doing a good job as a mom, or is it enough? When I’m sitting down and watching TV or going out to the mall for a stroll, I’m always wondering if I’m wasting precious moments with her. But I have to remind myself that she’s 10 months!! I can’t be tiger mom on her yet… even though I feel like my tiger mom is full on out every day. I need to be the loving mom first.

How am I tiger mom you may ask?

  • I started to train her eye-hand coordination at 6 months (with a straw in a hole bottom) You can read up on the training here
  • I started to train her eating with a spoon/fork at 9 months twice a day
  • At 10 months I started to get her scoop up food from her own bowl also twice a day

My husband thinks I’m crazy starting her off so young. To be honest, I feel like it’s for selfish reason, I can now leave a bowl and fork in front of her and she’ll pick up the fork and start eating off her bowl! Me? I can eat my own meal.

Downside: Yes there is a downside. MESS. She doesn’t know OCD yet, so FOOD EVERYWHERE. So the cleaning up is annoying. But eventually, hopefully, she will be less messy?!!!

Learning to walk

She climbed stairs before she walked. RIGHT? curious baby!!! She still can’t walk by herself, not sure when that would happen, but she’s pretty good at working with support. I love this walker, she got it from her godmother which was amazing! I don’t really let her play with musical toys, so finally,

she gets to use this walker! I think I replayed this video over 50 times. She’s so cute! She’s so proud of herself

Montessori Learning

She’s getting really good taking and putting back objects. I was SO proud of her when she started to put the blocks back and stack them up and not just taking it out! Here she is playing the stacking toys

I love how concentrated she was at taking the blocks out. She was so proud of herself when she figured out she can take not just 1 block but ALL 4 blocks at a time!

The Permanence object box

She finally stopped eating the ball. THAT took over 4 months. She was so excited over that ball and kept wanting to put it in her mouth. So she finally stopped and ACTUALLY put the ball in the hole, then she giggles and do it again. It’s the sweetest thing ever! As a mother, I am pretty proud of myself that she finally learned someting!!


You know I really struggled with her nap time since she turned 9 months because she went down to 2 naps a day. I couldn’t figure out what to do with her and how to schedule her feed and nap time. It took me a WHOLE MONTH for me to adjust to her new schedule. You can read up on her 8 monthl schedule here.

Here’s her new schedule since she went down to 2 naps:

On days I have to go out during lunchtime, I usually just put her to her first nap after she wakes up from her sleep. Sometimes she goes down for her nap, but most times she doesn’t and just wants to play. So there are days where she would skip the nap and be extra tired. I often get ask if she would get extra cranky when she doesn’t nap. The funny thing is no! She actually fights to stay awake because she rather play more. Curious child….


I’ve mentioned throughout my blog posts that she does not like to cuddle. Lately, around 6pm (before her bedtime) she gets pretty clingy because she’s tired. She would climb on me and wrap her arms around me. It’s the SWEETEST THING EVER. My heart melts, I love these random hugs and cuddles she gives me and she would lay her head on me. Oh it’s so sweet.


She currently has 8 teeth! She went through a week waking up EVERYDAY SINGLE NIGHT AT 3am for NO REASON. She was just wide awake and wanting to play. She would look at me and giggle at 3am. Ok, it’s cute, but maybe not at 3am in the morning when all I want to do is die.

She’s still a pretty good sleeper, she now sleeps a good 13 hours a night. (maybe it’s because she now only does 2 naps) So I can’t really complain. She’s really good to me.

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather!

Thanks so much for reading,

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