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I recently celebrated my birthday and somehow this year seems really different. In a good way. I’ve been having birthday parties ever since I was little. I love parties, it’s just so heartwarming! But this year, maybe because I’m exhausted and I feel like I’m running of time… I really just want to have a very low key birthday. I really just want to spend time with a few people. I’ve been so blessed to have the people I have in my life. This year, I was surprised by a Bite Lip Lab!

Bite Lip Lab is a Toronto-based cosmetics brand that manufactures and sells organic and edible lipstick.

That is where they keep all their lipsticks!

Everything is in very nice display

They even let you see inside their lab!

Doesn’t this place looks like a museum??

They go by appointments, make sure you do! Because it gets super packed in there! Our lipstick lab tech was so friendly and upbeat! She was excellent!!

Here is all the different perfume you can put on your own lipstick. I picked the wild berry and vanilla

They let you try on three or more different color lipstick. I wanted to go for a more glossy and color lip color. Since I always go for a matte look so I decided to try a more glossy type of lipstick!

Here are all the colors I tried out!

And finally, after a few tries…… it was really warm that day so my lipstick kept melting!

There are sooo many shades, thank goodness she narrowed it down for me!

Bite Lip Lab Toronto

You start the process of custom making a lipstick by picking from one of the two hundred shades in their library, which could seem either exciting or intimidating.

Bite Lip Lab Toronto

They heat the mixture at a low temp in a microwave then whip it up in a low-speed centrifuge. After that, it’s poured into a mold on a flat top freezer.

Bite Lip Lab Toronto


Bite Lip Lab Toronto

When time’s up, they pop the molded lipstick into their exclusive flagship packaging in a feat of what feels like a combination of art, science, and magic.

For more information, you can visit them here!

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