4 Toronto Traffic Rules That Catch People Off-Guard

Toronto is the commercial heart of Canada. It has more bars, restaurants, offices, shops, and attractions than any other city in the country. (If you want to go somewhere bigger in North America, your options are pretty much limited to New York and Los Angeles). 

Unfortunately, the city also has some traffic rules that can catch people off-guard. It’s a little different from other locations across the continent and the rest of the world. 

Don’t worry: the country isn’t as strict as, say, France, but it does have some quirky regulations you should be aware of before you hire a car in the city. 

Toronto Has Special Rules For Right On Red

The first rule in Toronto is that you must stop at a red light before turning. If you don’t, you are in violation of the rules. 

On most crossroads, a right turn is allowed, as long as you check cross-ways for traffic. Lights will usually permit you to move right, even if straight on is red. 

However, Ontario still has this rule on its books, meaning you have to stop and wait first. If you keep going and rush through and a camera or an officer is there, you risk being pulled over and receiving a fine. 

Toronto Has A Vast Streetcar Network

Rights for taxis and street cars in most American cities are minimal, but Toronto is the exception. These vehicles often have special lanes or privileges that let them get from A to B faster than other cars, providing tourists and riders with a better experience. 

Drivers also sometimes have to give the right of way to streetcars in Toronto. Taxis can often cut in or get the traffic to wait for them before they make their move. Cutting them up across lanes might result in a ticket if you get caught. 

Toronto Has Strict Drug-Driving Rules

You also have to be careful of drug driving in Toronto, even if you are using prescription medications. If routine stops find you have excess levels of banned substances in your breath or bloodstream, you might get a ticket. 

In this situation, the Kruse law firm recommends fighting any charges. You should work with lawyers to ensure you can mount a proper defense and potentially prevent authorities from taking more serious action. 

Toronto Downtown And Intersection Areas Have Designated Left Turning Areas

Finally, make sure you read up on Toronto’s designated downtown left-turning lanes. These help to manage the traffic better and prevent long tailbacks at intersections.

The upside of these lanes is that you are likely to get through queues faster. The downside is that you need to plan which direction you will go before turning. Going the wrong way could make it more challenging to cut in later. 

So, there you have it: some of the Toronto traffic rules that catch people off-guard. Having read this, you should be in a better position to navigate the city’s streets and avoid situations that could be unsafe or get you into trouble. 

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