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Hello Everyone,

It’s a miracle when I don’t get sick at least twice a year. I sometimes get sick so often I wonder if it’s ever going to end. I am not a person to take vitamins… (I know I should!!!!) but I just don’t. I’m so lazy and it’s an extra step during the day I have to remember. There are so many different types of supplements and vitamins available for us to use. From everyday multivitamins to Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements & Vitamins. I never really know which one to choose and what would be good for me. I was way to lazy to do the research to find out. There is also the fact that most vitamins and supplements are pills. I just don’t like swallowing pills, so I just never bothered. I got told about vitamin c powder recently so maybe that’s a good way to get vitamins into your system without having to swallow pills. Full confession, when I was a teenager my mom used to make me take those fish oil pills, and HELLO. They are hella huge!!! So, being the wonderful, obedient daughter that I was…. I hid them under the bed which… of course, my mom found out. I still remember to this day, I was at a cottage with my friends for my High School grad trip, my mom called 60 times. SIXTY-TIMES. As you can imagine, she was RAGING.

I know, I was a horrible daughter. But I guess, we all go through some kind of rebellious age??

Anyway…. so I recently got introduced to Isotonix Vitamin C, I wasn’t that much a believer since my passion of hating pills and vitamins are real. But, I thought I will give it a try, this was after I got deadly sick for 5 days which caused my breastmilk to completely stop because I legit died.

And I started to take it every day. Along with Multivitamin and the B Complex. Of course, my daughter got sick 2 weeks after I started taking my vitamins.

What I LOVE about this:

  • NOT a pill, it’s powder form, so I just mix it with water superrrrr simple!
  • It tastes great
  • It absorbs faster, I usually take this before breakfast
  • You can also mix all your vitamins with just one cup

So, when my daughter got sick, it was NOT fun.You can read the post here. To my surprise, I didn’t get as sick as I did without the vitamins. (Oh… so they do work!) I had runny nose for about 5 days, no coughing, no sore throat no headaches. I could still function as a human being which was IMPORTANT because I could never take care of my daughter if I was also deadly sick. My husband, on the other hand, got bronchitis. So, he was on his death bed.

These are all the vitamins that I also take each morning.

I love the B Complex. Because it gives me energy, for those who know me…. I lack energy. I am in bed by 1030PM if I can help it. I sleep for 8 hours+ I NEED my sleep or I’m just not functioning. So, it’s been a month since I’ve been taking B Complex. I can really feel the difference, I actually have energy and staying pass 12aM. Yes. WOW. Fun Fact, NYE? I went to bed at 10:30PM. No joke, I legit died.

As for the Multivitamin ? I throw it in there because I just assume it’s good to have it. Now you don’t have to have the same as me. These are just what works best for me. So if you decide that taking something like these liquid multivitamins are better for you, then those are the ones that you should take. The decision is up to you.

Hopefully, this post helps those who are like me – no energy and hates pills. But I will for sure be taking that everyday when my daughter goes to daycare. I may even look for some other non pill additions, similar to glutathione by Quicksliver – it’s a mist? How wild is that. But when I go to drop my daughter off at daycare I hear moms bitching how they are sick every other week. I WILL LEGIT DIE.

If you are interested in buying the products, don’t forget to sign up here! You get cash back! Who doesn’t love cash back?

Thanks so much for reading!

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