Sick baby is no fun! Top 5 Sick Baby Essentials

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I’ve never been so emotionally and physically exhausted in my life. I praise those mothers who have 2 sick children and have to go to work. HOW!? My poor baby got a cold from Baby Yoga. You would think mothers with babies would understand not to bring out their sick child and bring him to a class FULL OF BABIES. Why is that not common sense?! Sure, it helps to build up their immune system…. LATER, but this is baby yoga where babies are from 3 months to 12 months of age. I am so angry at that mother who brought his sick child to class. Not only did my child got sick, but she also infected this other mother’s daughter too! At the very least they should have used some Hand Sanitizer or something, but ideally they should have kept their child at home.

I basically spent the last 5 days functioning on a 2-hour sleep. She is not a fussy baby and has always slept so well and never really need to be held to the complete opposite. I feel so bad for her since she’s been coughing and sneezing. She’s finally feeling better and I’m getting more than 2 hours of sleep. There are many nights where she needs to be held and rocked for her to sleep, so I’ve turned into a human rocker. On the brightside, this morning, she mumbled mama and crawled on top of me and laid her head on my chest, cutest thing ever. She never did that! I guess it’s the 24/7 cuddles??

The Start..

This was the start, I didn’t really notice she was getting sick, although she was coughing a bit more and she woke u with super rosy cheeks and I didn’t know why! I took her temperature but she was fine so I didn’t think too much of it.

The Sniffles…Swollen Eye… The Cough and The Fever

Then the sniffles start to come… and I KNEW she’s sick. Oh the runny nose then comes the coughing. My poor heart! I felt so bad for her and I really couldn’t do anything. I was emotionally so stressed out because when you see a little poor baby sneezes and coughs it just breaks my heart.

She had no energy to play either, her sweet smiles! I was so sad. Thank goodness she still ate and drank her milk or else I would have been even more worried! I was a mess for the first few days, my husband was at work and I really didn’t know how to take care of a sick baby, I barely know how to take care of my sick self!

The Swollen eye…

The next morning she woke up with a hugeeeeee swollen eye!!!! I was so paranoid we went to the ER. I thought about the walk in, but the hospital was a minute away so I thought I’ll take advantage of that. It wasn’t that bad, it was only an hour wait. I love Markham Stouffville Hospital. The doctor said she got cyst probably from rubbing her bacterial in her eye. Oh my poor baby, she looked soooo puffy. Her whole face was puffy! She got eye drops and antibiotics, I only gave her antibiotics once, I felt like it was upsetting her stomach so I stopped. But I did gave her the eye drops, and it worked so well, the next day it was gone!

The Fever…

I was monitoring her temperature like there’s no tomorrow. I was soooo scared she would get a fever, unfortunately, she did get slightly warm. I held her one night and she felt like on fire in my arms so I took her temperature it was at 37.7 not yet a fever, but she was warm. So I gave her baby Tylenol, I was super nervous giving it her because I really don’t want to drug her up, but I also didn’t want her fever to go up. It worked so fast within an hour her temperature dropped down to 36.7.

Finally feeling better…

She was sick a total of 5 days. By the 6th day she was finally better. She slept through the night again and not every hour she would wake up screaming because she couldn’t breathe. I felt SO bad for her, she was miserable. The funny thing is, I always thought babies would heal after a day or two. Boy, was I so wrong, she was so sick for the first 3 days, by the 4th day she seems to be crawling again and exploring but still runny nose and coughing.

Sick Baby Essentials

I’ve put together a list that helped me, maybe this list would help you as well when your baby is sick!

  1. HydraSense// 2. NoseFrida// 3. Crane Humidifier// 4. Air Purifier// 5. Thermonitor// 6. Vicks Baby Rub// 7. Infant’s Tylenol

1. Hyrda Sense – My baby HATES this, I spray this up her nose like 10 times a day, she had so much mucus This helped to loosen up the mucus

2. NoseFrida – This sucked EVERYTHING out. She would SCREAM, yes scream when I do this, I guess who would like ur nose being vacuumed right? She’s also at this age where uses her hands to PUSH me away, she even got smart by holding on the NoseFrida and won’t let go. But this works, and it got all her mucus out.

3. Crane Humidifier – I used this in her room, on full blast. So the air is not dry, we turned up the heat in the house, so we hand sure her room isn’t too dry and she can still breath at night. I think it helps, but she was still screaming every hour. I should of probably bought a humidifier that is specifically designed for babies (Check out this HumidifierGeek full buying guide) as these can be softer on the babies lungs and do a more effective job of clearing the air.

4. Air Purifier – We had this in a low setting just so we can clean out the air and make sure there are no bacteria in the room. From the Dyson Air purifier, to other brands including Phillips, Vax Pure and Airvida, finding the right air purifier for you and your baby is very important. Read this article here to find out how to find the healthiest purifier for your home.

5. Thermonitor – I used this every day, every hour just to make sure she won’t have a fever

6. Vicks Baby Rub – This was so great! I put this on her feet, chest and behind the ears. It’s to smooth her and help her breath better. She was coughing like there’s no tomorrow. This was to clam her down and smooth her.

7. Infant Tylenol – This was the last resort in case she has a fever, I bought this when she was only 4 weeks old as an emergency, but never used it until now. Super nervous! Make sure you read the label how many doses you should be giving to your baby!

I felt like my life was on shift mode. Every 1-2 hours I would either spray/suck her nose or I would take the temperature or rub vicks on the chest/feet. It was not fun for 5 days, but like all mothers, you would do anything until your baby feels better! I didn’t think I can do it. Motherhood is a whole new level of challenge I can never underestimate. I was BEYOND exhaustion, but somehow, I kept going.

When one gets sick, we all get sick

This is something… I have to get used to. My husband caught whatever Ariya had and he got Bronchitis. Oh yay. It’s like as if my life can’t get any worse. So now, I have a recovering baby and a sick husband. Me? Well, I was also getting sick… I can FEEL IT. It’s still kinda of lingering and I’m trying to fight it off.

I’ve been DOWNING, yes DOWNING. Isotonix Vitamin C

So far, it’s been working! I haven’t gone to a full-blown state of “I feel like death”. I’ve been taking this 3 times a day. I can’t get sick right now! It’s almost time for Christmas too!

My baby is all better now and I’m so happy and relieved! I can SLEEP. My eye bags are like huge at this point.

Hope this helps for those mothers who are going through the same thing!

Thanks so much for reading,

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