Tired Of The Constant Travel Tourist Traps? Consider This

There’s nothing wrong with visiting a “tourist trap” destination. You’re not a lesser traveler for heading to a new place and hoping to see the landmarks or “greatest hits” of a country’s heritage. For example, no reasonable person would chide you for heading to London to see Big Ben, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace. Many British citizens more than understand how iconic these places can be to the rest of the world, and would be grateful that you came to look at them no matter your reasoning.

That being said, it might be that you’ve returned to a country a few times and you’re tired of seeing the same places. Or, perhaps you’re just a little frustrated with how many tourists are around you in any one popular destination. We all know how hectic a vacation can be during peak season, as it sometimes feels like swimming through a sea of people just to spend five minutes in a single place and snap a photo.

So, where should you go if you’re tired of the constant travel tourist traps? In this post, we’ll discuss that and more:

Connect To The Locals

Residents, especially in sought-after areas, are understandably close-guarded about the secrets and gems of their local area. They don’t want tourists to come and spoil them, which is justified. But you’d be surprised how welcoming they can be if you’re nice. A pleasant chat with the morning baker or friendly conversation with others at a bar might help you see the hidden haunts, such as a beautiful restaurant the locals go to, a secret section of a beach, or a fun event mostly attended by local culture. So, have these conversations! It will feel like an adventure come to life.

Explore Nature Reserves & National Parks

You would be amazed at how much investment and care national parks get, especially abroad. Moreover, while they can be touristy, they’re rarely tourist “traps” given how large and natural they are. It’s not a major landmark, but still a sense of national pride worth seeing. Moreover, a national park may have several attractions within it, be that a water park space, a zoo or animal sanctuary, and historical ruins or attractions of note. But remember, natural areas aren’t solely limited to parks. With wine tours Portugal, you can see areas of the natural environment that re cared for, allowing for a distinctive purpose. They’re the best-kept secret, and should be on your travel list.

Travel Off-Peak

Ultimately, the best way to avoid tourists is to travel off-peak, and to visit the slightly less populated tourist hotspots. This way, you’ll see much less of other people, you’ll get better deals, and you’ll be able to support local businesses at a time when they usually have to limit their operations or live from the money made at summer. Autumn is a fantastic time to travel, as is January and early February. This way, you can see the space as the locals see it, which can provide you more insight than you could have ever had otherwise. 

With this advice, you’re sure to avoid the constant travel tourist traps, and get a better experience as a result.

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