8 Amazing Birthday Gift Ideas!

happy 30th birthday

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to write this colorful – picture-filled post. As many people who know me, I love gifts. Mainly pretty gifts that are “so-me”, edible, or very useful (and still pretty)! However, these past couple of years, I’ve noticed that I’ve accumulated a lot of “stuff” that I really don’t need, and although I asked for no gifts this year, I still received quite a bit, and I am very thankful for the people who really took the time to choose a gift with me in mind. I can totally tell when that extra thought and care has been put into the gift – and believe me, it does not go unnoticed.

However, it’s gotten to the point that I can no longer keep up with the birthday gift-giving… with everyone. it so much easier for one of my friends who is a huge gamer. His presents are simple, I just look for league of legends accounts for sale and he’s sorted, although I’m sure he would of wanted me to buy 15 inch gaming laptop but I’ll save that for another year. For me and my other friends, it’s another story. These days, a meal out together seems to be the most practical gift of all (the gift of time), and I much prefer the idea of when I think of a good friend, I get them something – rather than it being I ‘have’ to get it because it’s their birthday, because it’s Christmas, etc. I hope you all understand! Below are some fabulous birthday gift ideas if you wanna be a great gifter. 🙂

birthday gifts

1. Birthday Card
A nice, thoughtfully, written birthday card never goes out of style. It is always a great gift. I can tell when a card is rushed… cuz I’ve totally done the same!! Thank you for your encouragement for me to do the same. 🙂

papyrus birthday card

2. Diary / Journal / Dream Book
With all the information that’s going in and out of our heads these days (and our old age not helping with memory!!) we have to write things down. We need to make to-do lists. And we need to check them off and to able to accomplish the little things that lead to the big things. I haven’t used Evenote app yet but I might give it a try. However, for dreams and heartfelt notes, nothing beats pen to paper. From choosing to Buy Dry Erase Boards, notebooks, or a journal, giving someone gifts like these who like to write things down would be a very practical and useful present.

journal diary

3. Food / Sweets / Homemade Goods
Yup, get in my belly!! Some of my fav gifts are of the edible variety. Hello Butter Avenue macaron!


4. Bottle of Wine
10 years ago, I wouldn’t known how to appreciate a glass of this let alone a bottle! It’s interesting how tastes change overtime and the enjoyment of one beverage changes to the next. No more sugary syrupy drinks with a shot of vodka or other – hello, wine and champagne!

wine and plush toys

4. Pretty / Cute Things
I’m a lover of pretty and cute things no matter how old I get. I love plush animals, jewelry, makeup etc. I’m just particular on all of the above, but if you see me wearing/using the goodies… it’s a good sign that I like it!!

makeup box of gifts

5. Flamingoes
So people who know me, know that I love pink and I have an affinity for flamingoes, namely pink ones. I even had a blog I named after it. And some day, somewhere, I am going to do something with it. Stay tuned!

lush cosmetics and flamingo theme

6. Pretty Personalized Packages
Wow. I was speechless when I saw this. My good friend really went above and beyond and specially crafted this beautiful one-of-a-kind present for me. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have the people that I do have around me. And I need to take the time and be grateful for all of it. I love how each part of the gift had meaning and story – down to the colours. My company’s colours are all there! Pink, Gold, Black, White. And the glam card… cuz I totally know that’s in me… it just hasn’t had much opportunity to grow into that yet. When it happens though, I’m glad I’ll have good people around me to enjoy the good life with =)

stylish box

pretty wrapped gift

stylish gift box of goodies

7. Flowers
Not everyone likes flowers, so you have to be careful who you give it to. My mom used to work at a floral shop when she first came to Canada, and she has flowers all over the house (kitchen, living room, on wall art) and she even wears flowers (motifs on her clothing, etc.) and it’s probably where I got my appreciate for florals. They’re so pretty, delicate and when you choose the appropriate ones, they smell nice too!

birthday flowers

8. Cool Experiences
My friend treated me to an amazing experience – and I’ll all about that! Plus this one involves booze, beauty and all that good stuff! We went to barchef and honestly I’m so much more about this lifestyle that I am about the regular pubs and such… I like cozy, intimate, creative, kinda exclusive places with great service and innovative offerings. I like to doll up to places, which I really don’t get to do much often. What a great end to the night. I know people who have also bought upgraded packages on apps like http://gradecam.com/tools/formative-assessment/, which is a perfect gift if you know someone who is a teacher! It’ll save them so much time too!

floral booze barchef

So there you have it! Hope these 8 Amazing Gift Ideas will inspire you when you want to get a gift for your family and friends! I had a great birthday despite not things going exactly as planned. It’s definitely more about the people who took the time to celebrate with you, more than it is about anything.

Happy 30th Birthday to me. It’s going to be the BEST year yet. I just know it!!!

P.S. Before I end the post, I want to thank my family for helping me decorate my birthday venue and for putting up a DONUT wall for me. It was such a big hit and everybody loved it. If you’re wondering where I celebrated – it was an art gallery called Urban Gallery at Queen Street East, Toronto. Dress it up and you can definitely transform the space!

happy 30th birthday cindy

With lots of love,

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