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As my newborn is snoozing away, I have some time to do a blog update! She’s like clockwork so it makes my day pretty easy to plan. I was told this is going to change real soon, so I’m trying to take advantage of this as much as I can! I normally get a good 3-4 hours of “me” time before the changing/feeding/burping and pumping. All that takes a good 30 – 45 mins before I can continue back to whatever I was doing.

The first week: 

It was bad. I was pretty much on ibuprofen (2 days) and then Tylenol (7 days) the first-ish week. I barely moved out of my couch/bed. Getting up was a struggle, sitting down and trying to get comfortable was a struggle. I’m so thankful my husband took the 1st week because there’s NO WAY I would have survived without him. He pretty much did everything, he did all the diaper changing – I just fed her. During this time I was still bleeding like a mofo so adult diapers were my best friend. I went through the entire bag.

Roughly 4 days in, my breastmilk came. OH MY GOD. THEY WERE LIKE ROCKS. I wanted to disconnect with my boobs. I’m not even joking. I normally do get sore chest when during that time of the month, but this is like at a whole new level. You know those mommy forums you read about how you will feel really engorged, I feel like they underestimated how painful it was. I was not prepared for that. Maybe everyone is different or maybe because I was still recovering down there and the rocks on my chest did not help. They were SO painful when my milk came in. You’ve all heard me bitch about how my chest grew two sizes during pregnancy, well I feel like overnight they grew another size. I was in so much pain everywhere. I literally feel like my entire body got ran over by a truck and over and over again to see if I’m still alive. Well, the rocks feeling lasted roughly a day and it eventually went away once I started to pump all day long to soften them.

Exactly a week after I gave birth, I feel human again. I can walk like a normal human being! Which is good timing because my husband had to go back to work and I had to take my newborn to doctor’s appointment and carrying that baby car seat is no joke.

Body image X MD Shapewear 

Well. Let’s just say everything was just dangling after I gave birth. EVERYTHING. I don’t even want to sugar coat it. Everything was swollen, yes including down there. The postpartum belly was really funny looking, I literally look like I’m still 6 months pregnant except it’s like saggy. During the 1st week, I was so sensitive to everything I just wore everything loose.

Pre-pregnancy weight: 115lbs
40 weeks pregnant: 144lbs
1st week after birth: 132lbs
2nd week after birth: 123lbs

I’ve dropped 21lbs. Few more pounds to go before I’m back at my pre-pregnancy weight.

Here’s how my belly looks like after 1 week. I still look 18 weeks pregnant. The below photo I’m wearing the MD Postpartum Shapewear Body Shaper Waist Trainer Corset Support Tank Tops  I got this in SIZE SMALL.

You can also purchase other MD Shapwewear via the following link:

I didn’t wear this for long, but like all their products – it’s super soft! You can wear this under a crop top so you can still show off your belly! I got this in SIZE MEDIUM
If you are planning to nurse or pump – this is a life saver. It’s so comfy – I actually wear this to sleep. I got this in SIZE MEDIUM
Lastly, I got this belly shaper. I actually fit back into my jeans! I’m as shocked as you are. But, because my tummy is still sticking out I have this lovely muffin top going on. So I actually wore this over my jeans to keep all the extra skin/uterus back inside where they should belong. So until my muffin top goes away… it’s loose tops for now! I have a hard time finding tops that actually fits me *sigh* I’m so sad, my chest bandwidth went from 32 to 36. So, all my XS/S tops no longer fit. I’m hoping after I stop breastfeeding I will go back to my normal size >.<
I’m writing this as of the second week and I’m feeling roughly 80% better now. Hope other mamas out there are healing as well.
Note: This post is in collaboration with MD Shapewear, but all opinions are my own. 
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