Surviving First Trimester With a Toddler

Hi Everyone,

It’s been such a long time since I wrote a post. Life is just crazy, but what more crazy is that I’m pregnant again! Sometimes it feels so surreal that I’m pregnant again. For some reason, I never really thought I would have two kids to be honest. Not sure why? Coming from an only child family – it’s really hard for me to wrap my head around siblings. It’s always been me and only me.


I knew i wanted a sibling for baby A, I wanted her to have someone to grow up with and always have family to fall on. I just wasn’t sure if it was in God’s plan for me to have two kids!

The old wives tale…

A few years ago, My friend did the ring/hair thing on my palm before I had Baby A and she predicted that I would have 1 girl. The same result showed for my husband as well! So in the back of my mind, I always just thought I’ll just have one child. So when I got pregnant again, I almost didn’t believe it! Fast forward, my friend decided to do the ring/hair thing on me and my husband again. And, GUESS WHAT? She predicted that I will have 2 girls, and the same result showed for my husband. How ODD is that?! I’m not sure if i truly believe it, but you have to admit… it’s pretty cool.

1st Trimester

How I died so hard. So So So hard. Was it the same as my 1st? Yes and no. I still had the nausea, BUT this time I also had:

  • Heart Burn
  • Vomit
  • Bloat
  • Constipation
  • Complete loss of appetite

For SIX WEEKS STRAIGHT I didn’t get off my floor

Oh yes, you read that right. I don’t think I got off the floor for a good 6 weeks. That would be me, lying on the floor like a dead human soul while my toddler played around me. She saw me on the floor so often, she started to copy me. She’s super sweet, she would give me her stuff animals so I can sleep… but sometimes, she will just stomp on me.

Supportive Husband

I died so hard, I barely wanted to wash my hair. I think i lasted 3 days straight without washing my hair. Gross. But seriously, I looked sooooo pale everyone was getting concerned if I was getting enough water/food.

During this time, my husband did EVERYTHING. I was way too busy in the bathroom puking or on the floor rolling. He fed, bathe and also put her to bed.

I was pretty useless.

I pretty much took 2 naps a day. Sometimes I did 3. I was SOOOOO tired ALL the time. Each nap I would pass out for 2 hours. then I would sleep again at 8pm, I just kept sleeping. Oh gosh, my body was so tired. I literally have no energy to do anything. For a OCD freak like me, that was really hard to see the house looking like a giant mess everyday.

I eventually did a hire cleaners to come and do a deep clean of the house. I never knew how big the house is until I paid someone to clean every single corner of the house. They took roughly 6 hours and they weren’t even close to done. But they did get the majority of the house, so I told them they can leave and I’ll just clean the rest. They did all kitchen, all the bathrooms, tidy up the bed. They did a much better job then I ever can. I was hoping they would clean the shutters too, but maybe next time. I wondered why I never hired a cleaner before?? They made my house looked SO clean.

Here are some tips that helped me get through my rough rough 1st trimester. 

  1. Your body tells you to rest, just REST
  2. Try not to look at phones/laptops/TV or any other electronic devices, this just made my nausea worst
  3. People keep telling me drink Ginger tea/lemon tea – yea that did nothing for me. But little sips of hot water seems to work
  4. Crackers all day
  5. Play with your child on the floor, my daughter loved it because she thought it was a game – she kept wanting to cover me with a blanket because that’s all she saw for 6 weeks straight
  6. Peppermint diffuser – this was the best. I could not stand ANY smell. microwave food was the worst.
  7.  If your work allows you to have alternative work arrangement. Use it. I was so lucky I had that option, I wouldn’t know how I would had survived the 3 hour commute round trip + working for 8 hours. I was able to work from home and be on my floor.
  8. Get your husband/partner to help. My husband did all the heavy lifting, showering, feeding, putting her to bed. I was complete useless. I kept vomiting all day so I was no help.
  9. I keep saying this, but NAP. I took 2 naps a day and if I didn’t, I would felt sick to my stomach.
  10. Take small meals a day, I usually eat pretty heavy for dinner. So I had to adjust my eating habit. I would eat at 9am, 12pm, 3pm and then I would be bloated until 10pm, and I would eat again

Hope this helps and IT WILL PASS. Yes, it may not look like it would. I sure thought it will never end… but at 14 weeks…….. I FINALLY felt better and more like myself.

I’m currently writing this at 16 weeks! I’m well enough to stare at the screen again. See? baby steps.

Congratulations and you’ll get through it! 

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