Baby, House move and PetiteVie Update

I must admit, it’s been a long time since I’ve actually sat down and really written up a post. We’ve been busy catering to sponsors posts and attending events and promoting that I’ve totally neglected doing these updates. It’s been expressed to me before that you guys love reading baby updates and just about my life! So I must apologize that I haven’t been holding that up on my end. Well, where do I even start?

Life. Has. Been. Crazy.

House Move Update

Who knew moving can be so stressful? I will not be moving again in my entire life. Ever. Again. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve moved out before but I guess it doesn’t count when you are just moving out of your parents’ house. I had like 5 things and there is no deadline to clear the house. I did hire a moving company like to come and help us and it really made a difference to my stress levels on that day. It was a big change, who wouldn’t be emotional? During this move, we had my parents’ stuff in my basement. And trust me, I’ve been selling on those Facebook mommy forums for MONTHS. I thought I got rid of a lot of stuff and boy was I wrong. I think my mover guy wanted to murder me.

To be honest, while I do not like moving from one place to another, I do like the idea of living in a new house, especially because every corner of the property feels very comfortable and cosy. Moreover, the concept of having a new house is something that has perhaps attracted me for a long time. A new house is not only a new shelter to decorate but also a new source of income. Yes, I am talking about renting a new house. Several people nowadays seem to be really invested in the idea of buying to rent. After all, who would not like to earn some extra cash? All one would probably need to do is contact a letting agent who can be found at firms similar to Abode and ask for their help in finding tenants and carrying out the tasks related to renting out a property. However, just because I have talked so much about renting does not mean that I want to rent out my property any time soon. It doesn’t matter if I had thought about it, I will not rent out my house.

Anyway, coming back to the topic, here’s a brief pre-convo with my mover guys who I thought was really pissed :

me: I’ve already uploaded a 15ft truck of stuff to the new house and I’ve sold a lot of bigger items. There’s not much left in the house to move.
mover guy: Ok, estimate time for your size of house should be 4 – 5 hours.

Reality: 12 hours later, 2 round trips of his 20ft truck. We FINALLY cleared the house.

AND this is with me already taking down the closets, beds and TAPING everything and moving everything from the basement to the main floor to help with the process. I underestimated just how much stuff we have. So really it took 3 round trips to finish clearing my house…. this is not including the leftover garbage. I will probably need to find roll off dumpster rentals to help dispose of all the random crap that’s lying around the house. Seriously, I keep going back to the house and I KEEP seeing random things all over the house! It could be nails, paper, etc. I am so traumatized of moving, we’re never doing this again. This will be my forever home. I’m already dreading the numerous tasks that must be completed in my new home before we can officially call it home. There are two cleaning rounds to complete: one in my old house and one in my new one. One of them is gutter cleaning. One of my friends asked me to hire a company like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Cape Coral or someone similar to come and clean the gutters as I’m not good at it. I’ll have to save a lot of contacts to get all of these done.

Old house…. and photo below is the new home

We rented a truck for the first round of move. Yes, we had two more rounds. It was crazy. I will do a full update on this once I get the house finished! It’s still a bit crazy right now!

Baby Month 17 update

Time flewwwwwww. I can not believe she’s 17 months. She’s walking/running now. How crazy is that. She is def. a character. Full of joy and curiosity.

Sometimes, I can’t believe just how smart she is. I always tell other she’s my little monster and when she’s hangry she turns into a demon. I knew from 6 months she’s going to be a handful.

  • stubborn as fuk
  • mind of her own
  • knows exactly what she likes and what she doesn’t like
  • can’t sit still for a long period of time
  • she knows when she is not suppose to do something but still do it anyway – then turns to me and give me the biggest smile

She is learning so much from her Montessori School. It’s crazy how fast they pick up things. I’ve been doing some readings when to introduce her to certain things and what is the best age for them to learn that certain task. I know I’ve been practicing the Montessori learnings since month 6. I really want her to learn all the practical skills at an early age. And combined with home learning and her school – I really do see a difference. (I’m still working the temper…. man this girl have a temper). I swear it’s like KARMA. I have a daughter’s who’s EXACTLY like me. I was really praying her to have my husband’s calm demeanour.

Picture their brain like a house, suggests Harvard University’s The Timing and Quality of Early Experiences Combine to Shape Brain Architecture, your genetics is the blueprint, a healthy environment supplies the building materials, and their experiences build the house.


During this time, your child’s neural circuits are especially open to learning through new experiences. After the window closes – though it never slams totally shut – the brain can still learn that skill, but it’s harder, and the results are rarely as good. Trying to teach children a skill before the sensitive period for that skill has ‘opened up’ is a waste of effort according to Harvard University.

There are different ages to learn different things. So maybe I’ll write them in my next post!

This is her LOVING that swiffer. She is obsessed with cleaning.

Brunching with the BOWO Tribe

Tracey is seriously one badass boss babe. She’s launching her own app – how amazing is that?! She organized the lunch with all the boss babe and I’m so glad I went and met up with all the ladies! I get to dress up 🙂 That’s a very rare moment. These girls are truly amazing and I feel like I’m in my comfort zone during meal time because, well, see for yourself.

The very same day….

I got her a play kitchen off Kijiji. I wasn’t planning to buy her a play kitchen until we moved to the new house. But seriously…. it was too much of a good deal! This set alone is $1000+ off Pottery Barn. So I hauled my ass there and bought it. I’m so thankful the guy helped me carry it out to my car!!! It was HEAVY… and I was literally dressed in a skirt and heels.

Safe to say that she loves it! I did wrapped it up as soon as we brought it home because we were moving and I was prepping – so she didn’t get much change to play with it. But now – she LOVES the play kitchen! I will write about this post more later.

PetiteVie update

We are launching a WHOLE NEW LINE on PetiteVie Home. Please do stay tune as we make our first announcement. The shop has been on hold for the past month, but once I get my table I will open the shop again!! AS SOON AS I get a table – I’ll be able to start working on the orders again!

I’ll leave it here for now.

Until next time loves,

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