5 ways to survive your child’s 1st week of Daycare

Just over 2 weeks ago, I am finally back at work-which means my daughter started her daycare! You can read about my post about how to pick your child’s Daycare/Montessori here. She is only going three times a week, the other two days my husband alternate taking care of her at home. She is still pretty young so you know how expensive daycare/Montessori could be.

On my first day of work, I was a little sad leaving her behind. I totally miss seeing her in the morning. She gets SO excited when I walk through the door. She would scream in excitement. I had to leave pretty early because my commute to work is 1.5 hours each way and I often to have to rush to the go train so I don’t miss it. (joy of a commuter…)

Throughout the day, I kept looking at photos and videos of her. Ohhh! I can totally understand why some moms decide to stay home with their child and the guilt of leaving them behind!

Tip #1: Prepping the night before

“Did I pack her snacks? 

Where is her plush toy – latte? 

Where is her blanket?

Did I pack her outdoor jacket???”

Since I am not a morning person, I try to prep everything the night before.

I am a person who gets up at 6:30am and leaves the house at 6:40am. YES. I’m not lying when it only takes me 10 minutes to get ready and out the door.

My husband is a little different, he wakes up happy (seriously, I can’t even) I wake up and I want to hurl myself off a building. But because my sweet husband does the drop off and pick up. I like to make his life a little easier in the morning. I would pack everything for him.

Latte, her backpack, blanket, sun cover, diaper, wipes, sun hat, rain jacket and napkins

Tip #2: Flexible working hours

If you work allows, either work a day from home, or work earlier hours. I was very 9-5 Monday to Friday worker like everyone else in downtown. I was lucky enough to work a little earlier 8-4pm since it would be easier for me to get home earlier so I  can cook dinner before my husband comes home from work.

Tip #3: Request lots of pictures

My husband was really good at sending me photos of her during the car ride and when he’s picking her up. Her school also sends me loads of pictures of her during the day which really helps. During the 1st week, Principle Leyla would update me 3 times a day!! I was soooo excited to see her pictures com through my email. This helps me a little at ease seeing her happy, sleeping or playing.

She doesn’t go anywhere without her “latte” 

Tip #4: Lay out her clothes before bed

Like many husbands, my husband does not know how to dress her. Don’t know if it’s cold or hot outside. So I usually do the lay out her clothes on her changing table before I go to bed. This way, my husband just have to put the clothes on her. I remember walking downtown and one father was carrying his 2 year old daughter to keep her warm. It was really cold that day, and he dressed her in a tank dress. I guess he didn’t realize the temperature dropped a whole lot that day. Welcome to Toronto weather!

Sometimes, I even match the whole family! 

Tip #5: Spend quality time with her

I am guilty of wanting to just relax when I am with my daughter all day. So now that I only get couple of hours with her during the night. You can really tell I make the effort to play with her for the full 2 hours when she comes home from day care. I wanted to make sure I am giving her all my attention and still teach her before going to bed.

This is her everyday after she comes home from school. Will not let me do anything.

I was super nervous and anxious trying over think how am I’m going to do this while going to work and taking care of her. But, you just have to get used to the “new normal” Couple things that we’ve adjusted:

  • normally my husband will drop me off at the go train and picks me up after. But now, I would drive because he needs to do the drop/pick up for our daughter
  • My husband and I take turns working from home. So this allows us to still teach her Chinese and spend time with her
  • I take the earlier train so I can get home earlier to prep dinner
  • I started to used the home cook meals services (2 days a week). This is the one I use for those who are interested. https://www.ajuice.net/meal  (Ajuice)

Seriously. LIFE saver. My dad needs Chinese home cooked meals everyday…. so this helps ALOT. If you guys want to know more about this. Feel free to contact me via [email protected] 

Thanks so much for reading,


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