Toronto Neighbourhoods – Summerhill/Rosedale (sneak peek)

Hi lovelies,

In this week’s FRI-YAY post, I’m bringing you on a little tour around Summerhill/Rosedale area of Toronto. I didn’t actually step foot into these cute spots but I do plan to when the weather is (a lot) nicer and warmer, and I can pretty much wear a tank top, shorts and sandals. I love fall fashion, winter can go away, but it’s the summer weather that I love and feel most alive.

I actually think that summer is my favorite season. Tell me someone who doesn’t love the warmer months? It just gives you so many endless opportunities to go out into the great outdoors and do things that you couldn’t do in the winter. But of course, if it gets too warm, you will need to look for a cool place to be, preferably somewhere that has a fully-functioning AC system. If yours is broken, then you may want to have a look for professionals who can carry out the necessary repairs, like Buric Heating and Air Conditioning, (check it out here). My friend has used this company before when it was really hot in her area, and she said they were amazing. This is a bonus, as you want to enjoy the summer as much as you can, especially if you live in Toronto.

Hopefully, this post gives you Torontonians (and visitors) something to look forward to in a couple of months time!


Since when did freshii get a makeover? I love this storefront. Moss, fun fonts and patio with opening glass doors that look like they are custom fitted for their store using commercial entrance services such as this Industrial door company and others can provide. What’s not to love here? I’m planning on popping in here for my salad fix and enjoying a refreshing drink outdoors. With a book in hand. Or a notepad and a pen to jot down my never-ending flow of ideas.

Rosedale Location: 1055 Yonge Street


I saw a “Sale” sign on this mint green storefront and I was SOLD. I have to drop in (in the spring)! They seem to sell decor and accent pieces while the next door over, I see clothing. Kinda hard to tell from across the street, but I am going to check this store out and report back to you all. Stay tuned.


I am loving all the decor stores in the area, especially this one. Don’t quote me on this, but King West feels like they have the larger furniture pieces maybe such as this Poly Furniture for example, and Summerhill/Rosedale is where you’re going to find the fabulous accent pieces, like an intricate lamp or an ornate throw pillow to decorate your living space with. Très fun! It’s one of the perks of being an adult… you have a lot more choice… in well, everything. Overwhelming though, if you’ve just started to cross over to adult-land.


All my favourite colours – white, black, gold … all it’s missing is a little blush 🙂 J’adore. I’ll be back for you!

Absolutely Inc.
1132 Yonge Street


I was giddy when I saw shop thursdays! We follow them on instagram and they have such cute items. It gives me the feel of California in Toronto. Definitely cannot wait to check out this store.

1130 Yonge Street
Website: thursdays


And last but not least, my fav! Not that I’ve been yet. But you can’t go wrong with specialty tea and coffee, charcuterie, wine and whisky. Mmmm. Sounds delightful. Start at freshii, hit up some shops, perhaps a light dinner and then end the night at Boxcar Social. They open late T-W-T until 12am and F-S until 2am. Perfecto!

Boxcar Social
Summerhill Location: 1208 Yonge Street

Looking forward to updating this post come spring/summer ’16.

Have a lovely weekend and we’ll catch you later!

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