Friday Faves

Fall is officially here… Toronto is getting pretty cold! This just means fall jackets, booties and scarfs! I’ve been pulling out all my new items lately. Oh I shop way too much……

Mackage Kenya

I can’t express just how much I love this jacket. I’ve been eyeing this jacket forever! I finally got it over the summer when I had the 20% VIP discount from Aritiza (yes, this just shows how much I shop there) But it here.


Frye Short Booties

Another purchase I’ve made over the summer! I love Frye boots, they are super comfy and I just love the leather. I’m such a heel type of person. I feel extremely uncomfortable when I wear flats (short people problem) So I always love it when it’s at least 2 inches of height! Buy it here


Coffee Guide

I’ve been mildly obsessed with coffee. Found this really interesting. I’m actually considering buying a coffee machine for my kitchen since I’m constantly drinking it at the minute! My friend recently got a new Keurig coffee maker so she told me to check out reviews on websites like before I bought one. I still haven’t decided which to buy but reading reviews is always really helpful for me!



I’ve been looking at travel places and I find myself browsing through Venice travel guides. Last time I was there I was too cheap to pay for the 180 Euro Gondola ride. Now that I think back… I should had paid for it! It’s a total rip off, but hey you can’t really put a price tag on experience right? Or I just need to find someone I know there and hopefully get a discount!


Fendi Karl Monster Keychain

What are these things that I keep seeing!!! I purchased one, well the inspired ones. I couldn’t justify spending $1700 on a furry key chain……………but they are damn cute.

Fendi's KarlBlack-Leather-Wallet-Pom-Pom-Real-Roccoon-font-b-Fur-b-font-font-b-Monster-b

Happy Weekend.. finally!!


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  1. 10.3.15

    THANK YOU FOR THAT COFFEE GUIDE! Seriously, I am a coffee lover through and through, and love finding ways to get my caffeine shot hehehe! Love the short booties too, they are amazing <3

    • 10.4.15

      Glad you found it helpful! What would we do without coffee in the world?!?

  2. 10.3.15

    I love coffee so thanks for the coffee guide 🙂 Venice is one of the places I so want to visit and want to take gondola ride 🙂 x

    • 10.4.15

      Yes! I’m like a coffee addict too!! Please do blog about it when you do take the gondola ride!! Maybe even film it 🙂 hehe

  3. 10.4.15

    That jacket is so cute!!!


    • 10.4.15

      It’s super comfy too! I would suggest sizing down as they do stretch out!

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