Petite Reviewers: WowWee Baby Shark & Fingerling Hugs

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We are kicking off our first series of Petite Reviewers! We’ve been getting requests what kind of toys do we get for our children. I mostly buy wooden toys for my daughter, but sometimes – you just can’t resist getting some of the singing and interactive plush toys! Also, they are good for gifts as well. Today, we will be reviewing two toys from WoW Wee : Baby Shark Fingerling Hugs 

Quick FACT CARD about our Petite Reviewers: 

  • 3 year old boy – LOVES baby Shark
  • 2 year old girl – Can’t really talk yet, but will say DO DO DO for baby Shark song
  • 1.5 year old girl  – Puts everything in our mouth

Baby Shark Singing Plush

First impression: It’s the size of my child. It’s huge!! All the kids were immediately drawn into the yellow giant plush toy that came out. It’s super soft.

Quality: It’s durable. It’s been tugged, pulled drooled on. It’s still standing!

Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo: OH. It sings. And it’s exactly like the song. Best part, once they figured out how to press the song to come on. It will be on repeat for THE REST OF THE DAY

Overall: We LOVE it. 5/5 Rating

Fingerling Hugs

First impression: LONG arms!!! It was a nice surprise to know that the monkey arms and hug around the kid’s waist. They were seriously impressed.

Quality: It’s durable. It’s been tugged, pulled drooled on. It still makes MUAH noises, which my daughter loves!

MANY MANY interactive sounds: My daughter actually squealed with enjoyment when it made the “boo boo” noise. She was so excited she started to copy all the noise Fingerling Hugs started to make. It kept her entertained for a bit. You do have to keep playing with it, so other sounds starts to appear.

Overall: We LOVE it. 5/5 Rating

Thanks so much for reading!

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