Friday Faves – The most interesting finds in Japan – Tokyo

Hi Everyone,

It’s been just a little over a month since my trip to Japan! I feel like there’s so much more to tell that I can’t seem to have enough blog posts to post the all! So here are my top most interesting finds in Tokyo! If you are interested, I put together the most interesting finds in Hong Kong. 

Jiroumaru – 治郎丸

The best wagu meat steakhouse! Keep in mind that this place is super super small – I had a REALLY hard time finding this place. The restaurant was in Japanese so that just made everything 1000X times harder to find.  It’s a very very small place – make sure you look for the JAPANESE name not the english name…..


The whole eating experience is pretty much you stand there and eat – also keep in mind that NO ONE speaks a word of english.

Wagu! SUPER SUPER yummy

You then grill it yourself.

I can go on and on about Japan and just how interesting this place is! But I will spare you for now – make sure you tune in for the next post!

Thanks so much for reading!


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  1. 4.1.16
    Aditi Oberoi Malhotra said:

    Your trip looks awesome! I love the photos!

    Adi xx

    • 4.1.16

      Thanks so much for dropping by!! I know I miss Japan already!

  2. 4.1.16
    Jalisa said:

    Wow, it looks like you had an awesome time, girlie! I’ve heard so many great things about Japan, mainly about the food and makeup, haha! They always have the best packing for their candy and makeup! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a lovely weekend!



    • 4.1.16

      You should def visit! It’s such an interesting place and seriously if Canada was closer to Japan I would visit them once a year. I was there for 2 weeks and it was not nearly enough time to explore everything! I really want to visit the giant aquarium everyone been talking about! Thanks so much for dropping by and have a lovely weekend too!

    • 4.3.16

      Thanks so much for dropping by! I am a little obsesses with Japan! so you will be seeing alot of pictures from Japan! There’s just so many cool things about this place and yes you are right! The make up and the food! Oh gosh the food!!! I can’t stop eating the cake! Hope your weekend is going well!

  3. 4.2.16

    Nice tips & lovely photos ♡

    Happy Saturday! ~ Love from Slovakia ♥

    ♡ Yankee Candle ♡

    • 4.3.16

      Thanks so much for dropping by! Really love your blog too!

  4. 4.2.16
    Tatum Riley (abstractaphrodite said:

    Ah, I’ve always wanted to go to Tokyo! Great, organized post.

    Good karma,
    Tatum || AbstractAphrodite

    • 4.3.16

      Aww you are so sweet! You must go to Japan! It’s literally the best place for food!! Hope you are having an amazing weekend!

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