Kintako – One of the Few Excellent Japanese Restaurants in Leaside

Hi everyone!

For a period of time I lived in Leaside with a friend, and I always complained how there was no good food to eat! For the 8 months I was there, we did not get a chance to try out this excellent Japanese sushi restaurant (I think it’s Korean owned, but it’s really, very, tasty! Service is friendly too. A bit strange to me that it would be in this area – a bit of a hidden gem I suppose:)

You can’t go wrong with ordering any of their dishes!

Outside of restaurant – you can park right in front of the restaurant or at the side streets.

kintako in leaside

Inside decor:

kintako in leaside

Warm sake, yes, please!

warm sake kintako

Appetizers included edamame, noodles in miso soup and a house salad! Yums.

warm sake and edamame kintako

Tuna Tataki – delicious!

tuna kintako

Chicken karagee – I know everyone raved about this on Yelp… it was good, but didn’t blow me away.

chicken karate kintako

Loved the presentation of the Volcano Roll – also recommended by Yelpers. I think I enjoyed the sushi more though, haha! The white tuna was also very good and is usually isn’t at other restaurants!

sushi kintako

The best part… the most AMAZING black sesame ice cream ever. I would go back and order this in an instant. Delicious. The best. You simply must order this!

best black sesame ice cream kintako

Definitely give this cozy Japanese Restaurant a try, you’ll be glad you did! 🙂

#101, 214 Laird Drive
Toronto, Ontario

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